Vision board voodoo

I was about 19 when I first started my vision board. I had seen a psychic and he suggested I start a vision board, it was the only useful advice he gave me! At the time I did not really understand the point of a vision board and I couldn't understand how it would work, but I constructed one anyway.

The whole process not only cements your dreams or goals by making them physical and making you somewhat accountable but it puts your desires out into the universe so that they can manifest. The idea may sound far fetched but it works!

Three major WOW moments happened after I constructed my vision board, that still give me shivers when I think about them.

At the age of 19, I was still trying to find myself and I was struggling to find work. I had completed a Certificate III in Business Administration but was struggling to get an opportunity as I had no experience. I put up what I wanted from a job on my vision board. I applied for this job that I didn't believe I had a chance with and put the job advertisement on the board as well. Within 12 hours I received a call requesting an interview and within a week I had been offered the position.

I had been working in my new job for around 4 months and the travel was quite long, I wanted a rental on a particular side of town to reduce my travel time. I was concerned I'd struggle to be accepted into a private rental due to having no rental history and being young. I put what I wanted from a property on my vision board. I was speaking to a beauty therapist about what I wanted and she happened to have a friend who was looking at renting out her property, which was in the perfect location. I managed to secure this property and lived in it for 12 months.

The final wow moment was completely unexpected. I had visited a plastic surgeon as I was wanting to get a cosmetic procedure done. The surgeon was trying to get my surgery covered through medicare but she had told me a story about a woman with a worse situation than my own that was not accepted. Based on what she told me I assumed I wouldn't be accepted, but I put it on my vision board anyway. A few months passed and actually forgotten about the request until I received a letter from Medicare in the mail. I nearly didn't open it, I just assumed it was a rejection letter. To my shock, I had actually been accepted. One year later I had the surgery which was covered by Medicare and private health.

I am not saying vision boards are the be all or end all but I don't think you have anything to lose in creating one for yourself. As it turned out, the job was awful, the house wasn't ideal and I am now in the process of reversing the surgery BUT all these things gave me opportunities and experiences which has enabled me to be where I am now.

I still regularly update my vision board. When I was single and wanting to find a partner I wrote down a list and put that on my board and soon meet someone who ticked most of the boxes. I've put work requirements on the board, such as fitting in with study and being flexible and that's been met. I've also put friendship requirements on the board, like meeting new people and that's also eventuated and I also put down rental property requirements a second time and that also came true.

A positive outlook and just believing creates a world of difference. Currently, I have a position description on my board for a job that I've applied for and I am hoping to get, I have an internship on the board that I hope to have the opportunity to participate in once I've graduated and I have attached further studies that I want to be accepted in and complete once I've graduated.

I'd love to hear other people's experiences with vision boards. So feel free to comment.