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My favourite all time gadget


When introduced to a thermomix a lot of people are apprehensive, it's an expensive kitchen gadget and sometimes it's hard to know how much use you'd get out of a machine. The consultant may tell you she uses it every day but is that legit or is it just a line to try and get sales? and then, if you are interested you can't just go to a store and purchase a machine you have to go through a consultant and that may be a deterrent for a lot of people.

This post isn't a sales pitch ( I am not a consultant), it's a post aimed at sharing my experience and why I think a thermomix is worth it.

Whilst having to contact a consultant may be a deterrent in purchasing a machine it is definitely worth it. The consultant is someone who you can continue to be in contact with, which is great if you have questions. Additionally, by being in contact with a consultant you get the very best opportunity to use the machine to its full capacity and try different recipes that you may have not considered otherwise. If you are at all curious about learning more about a thermomix book a cooking experience, there is no obligation to purchase all you have to do is provide some of the ingredients.

Before I start I have to admit, I LOVE my thermomix (thermy), I'd actually struggle without one now and use it at least once a day if not multiple times. It is the only kitchen gadget I have apart from a coffee machine and a microwave. I honestly believe that it is worth the outlay, it's literally multiple machines in one and if you are moving out of home for the first time I think it's a much wiser decision to buy a thermomix then all the little appliances you'll end up wanting.

I use my thermomix daily and to do various things, from making smoothies and juices to making nut and seed flours or butters, various stock pastes, various dinners, steaming vegetables and fish and making sweet treats! I love that the machine makes it easier for me to make things from scratch, so I am avoiding supermarket premade products that contain preservatives. Since having my thermomix I have not bought a jar of curry paste, as I can easily make it myself, nor have I had to buy stock cubes.

An additional feature is that the machine has automated cooking, so all you need to do is pick a recipe and add the ingredients and press next, it could not get any easier! Plus, it's perfect for people who aren't very confident in the kitchen.

Whilst the machine can be used to make a complete meal, it can also be used to make little elements for a meal. For example, if you are wanting to make a big batch of food such a bolognese sauce you can use the thermomix to chop up all your veggies, which makes the process easier for you and who actually enjoys chopping up onions?

Whilst I do use my thermomix daily, I cook daily and always have. If you are the kind of person that does not religiously cook homemade meals than you may struggle to utilise it daily, however, it's a good incentive to get you cooking from scratch and spending more time in the kitchen!

This is a short and sweet post, I just wanted to share my experience in the hope that it may be beneficial for someone considering purchasing a thermomix. I don't have a family but I can guarantee when I do start to have children it will make my life so much easier. If you have any questions and want an honest answer, feel free to comment or send me an email.